Squid in the paper and the NEW PAINT!!!!!

Hey all,

Its getting very close to the big comp and we still have alot to do… the car is running as of yesterday and we are now going through all the little issues that are poping up.

This week i made it in two of my local papers. Its a quick run down of how everything is going and what my goals are for the year 😉

See the Bunyip if your from gawler area

Or the Leader if your from the barossa, here is the write up of the Leader as Jay scanned it for us to see


Ok now everyone wants to see the new paint!!!!!

well….. here it is


It is a custom Silver my mate made up. It was painted by my mate KC in the Barossa and for such short notice i cant thank him enough.

The paint was done this colour so it wouldnt be the part to stand out… just wait till you see it tomorrow night…. so excited hahaha

I will make a short video and will post it up tomorrow night after iv ebeen running around all day getting stuff organised

Really cant thank all my sponsors enough for what they have done to the car…

AUTOSOLUTIONS and RESTORATIONS have gone all out on this car and put in so many hours work. They say its how they treat everything and its awesome work..

The fab work my HELPS METALWORKS is just crazy work

The Kit and guards from ORIGIN looks great

Make sure you check out the blog tomorrow for the big reveal and the new power figure 🙂


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