Hey all,

If you havnt already heard then here it is. Yokohama/ADVAN Australia have now come on board with myself (Jake Jones).


Previously, Yokohama has elected not to become involved in Drift within Australia. However through high recommendation, recognition of incredible talent and utmost professionalism, we thought it time to break our traditional boundaries of our ADVAN Sponsorship.
We welcome Jake to the ADVAN family as Australia’s first Yokohama ADVAN Sponsored drifter.

To see the press release click here ADVAN AUSTRALIA 
To be appart of the ADVAN family is a dream come true. We will be working closely on the setup of my Drift car and the ADVAN AD08 neovas. These tyres are the best in the business and are used by the top Drift teams in Japan. Click here to learn more about the Neovas ADVAN AD08 NEOVAS

Yokohama/ADVAN Australia have a huge range of rims and tyres. To check it all out please visit thier website ADVAN WHEELS

I also have a profile on the ADVAN Wheels website which is here JAKES PROFILE

Stay tuned for some ADVAN clothing coming soon


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