DriftSquid Video’s from ROUND 6 of D1NZ!!!

Hey yallllll,

Got a few awesome videos made by ADVAN Australia from my recent journey to NZ.

Here is my first one which is just Raw footage of my car screaming its guts out!!!

This next one is me checking out my good mate MadMike WHIDDETT’s factory and seeing what hes been up to the day before the Comp. Awesome lil video 😉

Here is a video OVERSTEER made of me from the event which is fair sick I must say!!

Here is a few interviews I had with more D1NZ drivers about coming to OZZZZIE for WTAC!!!!


And last but not least…. My own video i made for now. I will have a full vid coming soon but I’m still waiting on more footage from my mate L whip!!

Hope you enjoyed the show 😉


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