A look back : D1GP Odaiba 2012 (April)

Hey all,

Going through some pictures from my Crazy Adventure to Japan earlier in the year so thought I would share a few.

My Master trainer Kumakubo-San is teaching me the Team Orange way. The proper way to Drift 😉

I put the theory straight into Practice lol.

This is a pretty proud moment for me, seeing my profile in the official D1GP book.

Trying to fit into the WRX GDB of TEAM ORANGE’s was bloody hard at first. We had to change a lot around to suit my lanky arse haha

Suck it in!!

Lunch time with Team Orange was well interesting, I had no clue what anyone was talking about….. ‘must learn Japanese ASAP’

If you Drift and you don’t know how to fit your own tyres then there is a problem…….

Suenaga-San is a master and I was lucky enough to learn more then you would think from him after a little session on the school course. I’m pretty much in shock at this moment because the last 4 years of drifting in Oz I’ve been doing it incorrect to say the least.

Everyday we would start in the workshop where I would just stare at the GDB waiting patiently until I’m allowed to try her…….. O_O

Kumakubo-San “Dorifto Icha, time to drive GDB”
Me “ahhhhhhhhh booooooyeeeeeeeah!!!

I was lucky enough to meet some cool dudes in Japan and one of them was Federico from Italy. He drives the TEAM ORANGE GDB that Kumakubo used to pilot and hes a funny bloke. We had some funny moments on our travels haha

It was time…. Let the fun begin and it was ohhhh so sweet!!!

WRX GDB with fully built JUN EJ25 running around 600+HP 😀

This was the end of the day on the phone to Ian Baker back home. I was the luckiest kid in the world!!!

Just want to say a BIG thanks to ADVAN Australia for raising half the funds for me to make it to D1GP. ADVAN Japan for the tyres, Team Orange for the training and well just everything they did. Everyone else that was involved in the trip of a life time thank you so much. I made so many new friends and I’m sure this is not that last time you’ll see me Japan. I’ll be back before you know it 😉

Good bye for now



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