DriftSquid Takes 1ST place

Hey all,

After what seemed to feel like a massive break from Drifting the last 3 months or more. I had the sudden urge a week ago to enter what ever was to come up next on the Drifting calendar. Sure enough it was the Stadium Drift event held at Tailem Bend Motorsport park here in SA. Its a 4 round series and with this being the last round, some competitors were going all out to try take the championship title.

A week out from the event I committed 100% and gave the Sonvia a once over with some spanners. Changed all the oils over with the best Royal Purple goodness!!

After spending a few days tinkering with the car it was ready to rumble well and truly before the event. Being a Stadium Drift event we decided to run the 235 size tyres and therefore opted the skinny Origin Rims from my Ute for the weekend. Looks different hey???

I was on Night shift for the week leading up to the event and on the Friday (2nd NOV), they held a Practice to get a feel of the layout. With the track being 2 hours away from my house I took the opportunity to head out and get use to the layout having never been to Tailem Bend Motor sport park before.



We rolled the car straight off the trailer and got stuck into the track straight away. With no cones or anyone telling us where what we should be aiming for on the track we basically guessed where our line should be…

I was basically putting the car where I thought it should be from the Youtube videos I watched during the week. ‘ yeah I did some homework 😉 ‘

So after that I figured I should probably show my mates how much fun I was having behind the wheel ha ha… Here I was taking good mate Lee Boehm for a Spin around Tailem Bend Motor sport Park.

After taken Lee and Jesse for a few laps each I’d used up 2 pairs of tyres. We decided to call it a day seeing we didn’t know the proper line and needed to save the last of my tyres for tomorrow comp.



After a refreshing sleep finally from coming off night shift I was ready to rumble. Fresh suit, gloves, ICON helmet and Rubber!!!

Drivers briefing was great as we now knew exactly where to be placing the car. Unfortunately all yesterday we had the wrong line, it wasn’t completely wrong but we needed to change it up in order to qualify for the main event. Stadium Drift events hold a TOP 8 only so in order to get through you must battle 4 different opponents to make the cut. Its a different but bloody fun way of doing qualifying that’s for sure.


The track has basically all outer clipping points so It’s different from what every drifter in Australia is use to. It was a challenge but also extremely beneficial for the under powered cars to be able to keep up to the big powered drag racers 😉

It also allows for massive backwards entries into the first corner of the track.


Getting the First corner perfect was proving difficult for me in the morning but by the end of the day I was getting the hang of it all.

Most of you would know I love making my own Videos from events and I told the boys to think of some cool places to put the GoPro’s. The next video is going to be pretty awesome

In Car is always a good spot for close tandem Battles


And of course the original places which shows you just how much the rear end moves around during high speed Drifting. I really cant wait to have this Video Finished


So after the Qualifying battles were done the announcement was made that we pulled off 2nd place qualifier. For our first time ever here at Tailem bend it was a good achievement that’s for sure.


We battled our way through TOP 8, TOP 4 and straight into the Final Battle.

Coming into the final battle I knew I had to pull off something big so a rerun couldn’t be run as I was out of tyres. So coming into entry I made sure no daylight could be seen between the 2 cars. I may not have made it as close as I wanted to but it was good enough for us to take home 1ST place for the weekend. For us to come to a new track and take home the win was an awesome achievement from the Team. Big thanks to Lee, Jesse and Jase for their help and also my Sponsors and supporters. Wouldn’t have happened without you all.


Also a thanks must go to Stadium Drift for putting on an awesome event which put the Fun in Drifting again. Looking forward to the future plans from the DriftSquid HQ 😉

Winner Winner 😉






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