Hey all,

It’s been released for a week or so now but I’m here to say its true. I’m preparing for my new adventure in the Formula Drift Asia Series. The series is starting with the first round here in Australia. Calder Park in Victoria is where round 1 will be held on the 28th of April.

This is going to be an unreal experience to be able to go against the best guys in the world in my own car!!


When I competed in D1GP using the team orange car there was a lot of pressure on me due to ‘you break it your bought it’ deal. This time I’m driving my own car which I know like the back of my hand. With my crews support and the freshly re developed Sonvia I’m so keen for this event.


The Sonvia has has a lot of work put into it this year already. Sporting a new GSR GForce 4 speed straight cut dog box. A brand new gilmer belt drive power steering system by Endevour Engineering in NZ. Complete TurboSmart catalog put throughout. The MCA suspension was sent back to their workshop in Qld and had a check over/serviced. A few safety regs were needed also to suit FD rules. Plus many many more things checked, changed, or redesigned.

Basically heaps of hours put in by the crew and myself and we are still working tirelessly to get it ready for this event. The car was stripped down as everything has been checked to try prevent any mishap during this huge event.

Can’t wait to not only drift with the best but also catch up with my mates from around the globe. It’s gonna be awesome so seriously don’t miss this event people.

With FD Asia’s first round approaching I’m already trying to see if doing the whole series is going to be a possibility because we all know it would be unreal to do. More news to come soon too

See you all at FD Asia round 1 Calder park, April 28th



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