The end of season fun begins at the #SquidShack

Hey everyone,

I know its been a long time since I’ve posted on my personal Website but I’m now back on track to get this up to date.

Now I want to get everyone up to date with what is going on at the Squid shack but, first I have to give you the quick run down from G1 Final Drift round the other week.

To put it simply it was a perfect weekend for the Team and I. I pulled of the first ever 100 Point Qualifying lap at Mallala Raceway. Video here of perfect run \/ \/ \/ \/

After we pulled #1 qualifying spot it put us in the best position for the Top 16 battles, leading each battle first. We managed to battle all the way through the entire field Top 16, Top 8, Top 4, and then the final battle. We finished off the season on the top step of the podium. Perfect way to end the season and the Team and I cant wait for next year to roll around.

So on that note the plans for 2014 are still being sorted but a few things I can tell you are…

The infamous RB27 which currently lives in the Sonvia of mine is going to be staying in the Sonvia. This motor has proven itself over the last 2 years as being one of the most reliable motors in the Australian Drift scene. As most of you know I’m a ruthless driver and this donk has taken an absolute beat down lately. Obviously the Royal Purple 10W-40 engine oil has done most of the work here haha. I will be pulling this Motor out and giving it a quick freshen up, new rings and bearings done by Rhemac Motors in my local town of Gawler, South Australia.

I can now tell you about this…

I’ve just purchased a new motor (R33 GTR) RB26 and it has caught a few people off guard. I will not be putting this motor in the Sonvia so lets clear that up. So now its pretty obvious what’s going on here isn’t it haha..

Its still in the planning stages and a few local companies have become extremely keen to jump on board my program for 2014 which will include this new Drift car Build. I think its well overdue for me to start a new Drift car but having only just started my Apprenticeship earlier this year its been a little hard money wise.

In the not so distant future I will be updating this website to make sure you know what’s going on. We all know I have to keep a few secrets from you all but Ill be sure to tell you what I can haha.

Hope you all enjoy this new adventure for the Driftsquid Team and I, many late nights, blood, sweat and tears ahead. haha


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