2013 – DONE!!

What a year, so many unreal things have happened this year so I’m going to give you guys a quick run down.

At the start of this year I made a career change and I was lucky enough to secure an Apprenticeship within my current employer. Going into the first interview they asked me, “So what about your drifting career”. I basically said “If I have to, ill put Drifting on hold for awhile”. Because here in Australia¬†‘for me’ I’m not a paid driver at all and it was time for me to think about my future and how I am going to build myself a future ‘Boring!!!!!’ haha. I needed this apprenticeship more then you could imagine so if I had to give up Drifting for the year then so be it.

Lucky enough for me I managed to work enough hours weekly to still drift a few events. I was on the normal “Dirt and Sticks” diet still so I could afford it haha. But some how I managed to pull off an amazing year with an awesome car and damn good results. I also had some support from my sponsors which helped a lot. But at the end of the day If I want to go Drifting I had to save a lot of money. Lucky Mother doesn’t mind me still living at home haha, Love ya Mum ūüôā

So the year started off with me rebuilding the Sonvia, Painted the engine bay and boot, Hi Octane Performance Coatings re did my Engine,¬†Put the new G Force GSR Dog box in and made my way to Top gear Festival in Sydney to test it out. ADVAN Australia supported me for the event and let me unleash my abusive driving on 26 YOKOHAMA A.DriveR1’s haha. I smoked the lot of them and you could say I ran the new gearbox in well.

Top Gear Festival at Sydney Motorsport Park was unreal. I was most pumped about seeing Mark Webber flying around in the RB6 F1 car. Id never heard a F1 car live before so that was a unreal moment when he was going around the circuit. Pretty much gave you spine tingling chills as he flew past changing gears like a mad man. The Crowds were HUGE but unfortunately they put us drifters on the South circuit so it was a huge hike for the spectators to come up and watch us. For 2014 I hear things are changing up so its going to be pretty unreal. Cant wait!!

Fro had to go,
Next on my list was the fund raiser I was doing for the leukaemia Foundation. A Mate at work said one day “why don’t you shave your head for charity”. Pretty much as he said that I figured its the least I could do to help a charity right? So I started a fund raiser and within a couple months before the date I raised over $4000 dollars. It was pretty cool and thanks heaps to everyone who¬†donated. After all it went to a great cause.

Now sporting a Rad new hair dude. I set out a mission to make my Sonvia as reliable as I possible could with my hard earned money. Reason why I wanted to do this was because of a few reasons. First one was because I’m sick and tired of breaking gearboxes and finishing events early due to breakages. But its also because I’ve never really got to drive my Sonvia the way I’ve truly wanted to since the first day I begun Drifting. I think its fair to say that with the new Nascar Box and assorted goodies I can thrash the heck out of the Sonvia without any issues. Its exactly how I’ve always wanted it.

So with the rebuild underway and the biggest drift event of my career ahead of me (FD ASIA). My mates and I were on a mission to get everything completed on time. The new GSR G Force Dog box was on its way from the US. The car was stripped down, sand blasted, re painted by my good mate KC. Then the re assemble time begun and took longer then expected. My mates Lee, Bones and Langa all put in to make sure we were ready in time. Simon¬†from Morpowa Adelaide has Tuned the Sonvia’s RB27 power plant for over 2 years now and its never missed a beat. Running a reliable 360rwkw on E85 its bloody perfect.

The FD ASIA Event went with a few hiccups which we had to battle with through the event. But qualifying 2nd highest in points to then get knocked out by the World Champion Daigo Saito in Top 8 wasn’t too bad. Obviously I wanted to do better and knew we could have but at the end of the day we had an awesome weekend and went home with the Sonvia running fine.

The next event for me was my local G1 Extreme Drift series. Having missed Round 1 due to rebuilding the Sonvia I was keen to show the locals I still knew how to put on a good show. Almost coming home with a near perfect weekend but in the final Battle I gave the win away by nudging Elliot off his racing line and handing him the win. Finishing 2nd for the weekend was damn good though haha.

I then travelled over to Melbourne to enter into the VICDRIFT series which is one of my favourite series in Australia. They are always on point when it comes to running a Drift event and pretty much anything goes haha. I had a lot of mechanical issues with my brakes and new twin calliper system which made life a prick at this event.

But went home making sure they all remembered who I was with this big smoke show as I went back into the pits haha.

It was then time to prepare for the big World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park. Having my mates from NZ and Japan coming over for this event its always the big event I make sure I’m at every year. Rep’n the new look and promoting myself haha DRIFTSQUID.COM

I arrived on the Thursday for practice in the last afternoon and after giving the Sonvia a good shake down I was keen as for this event. Kory Leung capturing this unreal pic of the sun going down while I blaze past. One of my favourite pics of 2013.


Mitchel Rowe grabbing this rad pic from WTAC also.

It was another awesome event and getting to meet Daigo Saito in Top 8 again. I made sure I was going to give him a hard time, showing that I could stick it too him and getting a “One more time” was a damn good feeling. I could have beat him and at the end of the day I should have but knowing I can stick it to the worlds best is a damn good feeling. No one else that day got close to beating him and he went on to take the event out.

I was also not aware that this year we were able to do lunch time demo’s. I did one on the Friday and the Saturday and got to take a lucky passenger each day. These demo’s were easily the highlight of the event for me. Being able to unleash a full lap of the north circuit and express your driving style to the entire crowd is exactly what I find to be the biggest rush. I was going down the main straight in top gear baking and we worked out that the wheel speed was 250km/h and the actual road speed the Sonvia was travelling was 180 to 190km/h. Pretty unreal but it felt nothing like that behind the wheel. Really hope we can do it again in 2014 haha. Video footage can be found on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/driftsquid


The final Drift event for the year was my local SA State series (G1 Extreme Drift). Having an pretty full on year considering my Apprentice wage. I was keen to go out with a bang. My good mate Furby spent some time on the car throughout the end of the season and made sure the car was ready to go. After pulling off a perfect weekend Qualifying 1st place with a 100 point run (Video Above). To then finish the event in 1st place beating everyone. It was an awesome way to finish the 2013 season.

Huge thanks to all my sponsors, supporters, followers, friends and family. Was a great year and I really hope I can keep the fun alive in 2014. Its going to be hard but I’m hoping I can make it another bigger year.

Stay tuned



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