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G1 Round 1, 2014

The First event for 2014 was Round 1 of G1 Extreme Drift.

With the brand new look being revealed that morning and having no time to shake the car down after the rebuild. Not only was the crew a little tired but it seemed a few parts in the Sonvia were also.

I managed to get a few laps down in practice and this was one of the only was I captured.

The name of the video says it all. Was very loose and was hoping to make up for this during qualifying.

How ever it seemed to not be my day as I managed to blow a cooler pipe to bits during qualifying and therefore didn’t manage to put in a full lap. Its as simple as that, one little mistake/ issue in drifting can put you out for the entire day.

I think everyone was just happy that I finished the day without any damage to the new look. It really does look amazing and I cant thank my whole Team enough.

Next up is the Top Gear Festival in Sydney.