DriftSquid hits up his first HillClimb

Basically I’ve been wanting to run my Sonvia up a closed off road for many years now. Its a dream of mine to create one of the craziest videos of me drifting up a very dangerous hill “Watch this space”.

How ever, the Mt Alma Mile is a yearly event which occurs down near Victor Harbour. This event is run by the Southern Districts Car Club and with huge success might I add. This event is a time attack event with some cars getting up to 230km’h at the top of the hill. Its bloody insane and with both sides of the road covered in big arse blue rocks. You really don’t have any room for error.

I figured I would enter this event to give it a crack at getting a good time up the hill. After driving up the huge incline (19 degrees) I knew this track would be unreal to drift on. Despite be very narrow and fast paced I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by.

With a quick word with the organisers to make sure it was ok to be drifted up. They responded with “please put on a show we would love to see what you got”. The rest speaks for itself really haha.

I only got 6 runs up the hill and by the 4th one I had it dial. I have some in-car footage to come and I cant wait to show it to everyone. Its pretty cool.

Thanks so much to the Southern Districts Car club for running the event, marshals, Fire and Ambo departments, volunteers, the sponsors of the event, and of course everyone involved with create such an unreal event.

I think Ill be doing a lot more of these events from now on, and also keep an eye out for some crazy things coming from the Team in the near future. So many plans and so many good people keen to help.

Here is a couple of Videos from the event. My In-car will be coming soon

Thanks to all the media for the content.


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