The Perfect International Drift Adventure!

Red Bull China Drift series held in Zhuhai China,

Ultimately another one of my crazy adventures which I can barely explain to you all via pictures. Im once again the first ever Australia to venture into the RedBull Drift series held in China. This would be my second chance at the event after coming home from Round 2 of the 2014 season not long ago. This was the 3rd and final round of the series so I was very determined to make an impact to secure a chance of doing the entire series in 2015.

I fly into Hong Kong and meet with the Boss, James Tang. One of the best blokes I know and has taken me under his wing for the 2014 season in China. Cant thank this guy enough for everything he has done for me.

The first night is spent in Hong Kong at the L hotel This place is incredible and 8 times higher the anything I’ve stayed in before. I was 80 floors up this time in a penthouse suite haha, its bloody unreal.

The morning view was even better. Damn I’m one lucky dude.

We then spent the morning driving into Main land China to James workshop. This is in Zhuhai International Circuit and James caters for a lot of customers all around China and Hong Kong. I believe he has over 700 customers from all forms of motorsport, its insane and although most don’t speak english they all will give anyone the time of day.


The Workshop is called (Type R club) AKA Team TRC. Here we are having an in house lunch from James’s own Chef who makes the meals everyday. Pure home made Chinese style cooking which taste amazing. Ive no idea what I’m eating half the time but I think its best I keep it this way haha. In this picture, from left to right we have the Famous FNATZ owner and tuner Funatsu-San. He flys over to China to help build and tune all James’s cars. James Tang in middle and then myself.

After Lunch I went for a walk around the track. I enjoy exploring and after finding this massive tower I had to climb it. It wasn’t the safest thing I’ve ever climbed and not being a huge fan of heights I was a little worried haha. All in all it made for a cool pic.

ZIC – Zhuahi International Circuit.


The major Sponsor for my program for the 2014 season is AG Group. This is a Casino in Macau and is very supportive of my China program. Im really looking forward to building a future with this company. The Altezza Im driving is actually one of James’s customers cars which we are renting for the event. Its a 2JZ powered Altezza making around 600HP. Its an amazing car to drive and very easy to control.

In the days leading up to the main RedBull Drift event. All the drivers come and get some practice in. We are allocated around 30 mins to 1 hour in the afternoon for some track time and usually its just making sure everything is ok. The weather is not the best for drift cars over here though. Having 100% humidity and days around 30-35 degrees it gets pretty full on in the car.
During practice I had a little spin with James following me and we made a rather large impact. You can see the rear door damage in this pic, I’m trying to look enthusiastic sweating my arse off hahaha.
The day was done and we all were wrecked. Off to get dinner and this time James took us to a new place. Full of dogs haha, literally dogs everywhere and it was a little worrying to know that they didnt really belong to anyone. They kept themselves amused anyway, I just wasn’t going to order beef haha.
KumuKubo-San was really loving the heat haha.
Time to get into the main event. Here I am having a good old yarn to my mate Michael who drives the white Toyo Tires Supra. He is an awesome driver and is building up a very awesome S chassis at the moment. Funatsu-San is on the left enjoying a dart haha
Qualifying was up and I was feeling very strong in the Altezza. I remember Kumakubo telling me, full gas and no lifting will get No1 qualifying place. This basically changed the entire way I had been practising and worked in my favour.
From the start till the end of the course I didnt lift once, you can even watch the incar video here.

Kumakubo awarding the run with highest marks, 100 point run and as you can see in the video I was pretty pumped with it. I managed to scrap the wall on both sides of the car.
As you can see I had a blast haha. Thanks to TopMix and Faithful Rainbow for the fresh fibreglass.

After Qualifying the gearbox was not feeling well enough to go into 3rd gear anymore. It was only a shifter mechanism issue so it was easier for the boys to rip it out and put a new one in. Cant thank these mechanics enough for making sure my car is always 100%. It was a long night for the guys too after may cars had little teething issues. I couldn’t wait for the next day.

Before I knew it, The main day was here. Drifters in China roll in pure style. This seriously blew me away, you’ll never see this in Australia EVER!


Check out the crowd just before we were about to start the Drift comp. Our main event was during the lunch time break and literally drew in thousands of people before we started. I couldn’t wait to see this crowd erupt!!

This was after the event but gives you a good look at the huge amount of people who came to this event. Unreal

I battled my way through the entire field to meet the boss. James Tang in his crazy Redbull Altezza. I was like a video game when you get to the final level and its a boss haha. It was an awesome battle and I was lucky enough to come away with the win.



I went all out and scraped the wall ripping the banners off and also my wing on the fence. The Altezza could literally be put anywhere you wanted it to. I loved driving this beast!

Here is the final 3. What an event

Pumped is a total understatement here. 1st place for the team was such an awesome feeling.


Quick, time for victory skids hahaha!!


This win meant so much to many people. After snapping a ligament and tearing one in my ankle 2 weeks prior to this event. I was looking at not even making the trip over. But after many visits to my awesome Physio Jess Trengrove I was able to make this happen. Thanks everyone, you’re the best!

Special thanks to every single one of these dudes. They bust their arses to make sure every one of us drifters has a car dialled. Wouldn’t have been able to bring home 1ST place without them. Thanks dudes 🙂


This wasn’t the end of it either. We went to an awards night and I ended up coming 2nd in the championship!!! Holy crap haha, I couldn’t believe it a huge thanks goes to James for taking me under his wing. Im really looking forward to trying to come back in 2015. Finger crossed for that 😉

Thank you to all the sponsors, friends and everyone involved in making this a reality for me. Truly am so grateful and ill be seeing you all in 2015 for an even bigger year.




p.s. 2015 is happening woooooyeah!!!

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