Major sponsor of Driftsquid for the 2015/16 ADGP season

Just Car Insurance announce Major sponsorship of Jake DRIFTSQUID Jones in the 2015/16 ADGP season.

August 30, 2015

Just Car insurance are proud to announce their partnership with Jake DRIFTSQUID Jones for the 2015/2016 ADGP season. Having Just Car on board with the team as the Major sponsor this season is huge, not only are they the Major sponsor of the Australian Drifting GP (ADGP) series, they also see the huge potential Drifting has in Australia. The sport of drifting is rapidly growing within Australia and also sees local drivers now showcasing their skills internationally. This year, the DRIFTSQUID will be battling against Australia’s top Pro-Class drifters to take out the Australian Championship.

Drifting is an art form whereby extreme sport meets motor sport. It’s a judged Motorsport whereby drivers slide their cars through corners battling against each other trying to obtain as much sideways angle, speed and proximity to their competitor. “The sport of drifting is Australia’s most rapidly growing genre of motor sport with many fresh drivers entering into their local/state drift clubs and working their way up the ranks to eventually compete with the National Pro-Class drivers. The majority of drivers within this sport are young people who are into their cars and are all about building them with mates. We at Just Car Insurance are big supporters of growing the ADGP series in order to give these drivers a professional national series to aspire to compete in” said National Just Car Insurance Business Development manager Simon Jreige. “By us supporting the DRIFTSQUID, we are showing all current and future drifting fans/drivers the level of professionalism that this scene and series has become. Jake is a great role model for the scene and his driving skills combined with his level of professionalism should see him on the podium. Some of our core customers have an interest in this niche sport and this is just another way of us supporting what our customers love.”

This new partnership has secured Jake DRIFTSQUID Jones into the ADGP season and will be competing at all 4 rounds throughout 2015/16. Jake will also be competing in Local State G1 event and also WTAC this year in the Nissan Sonvia.

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About Jake DriftSquid Jones,
Jake is one of the most successful Drifters in Australia with having many achievements under his belt. Being the first Australian to gain a D1GP licence, compete in Redbull China drift series and also the famous Redbull Drift shifters in NZ. Jake has only competed in one national series in Australia before. Way back in 2009 and came 3rd place as a rookie, this season with the support of Just Cars he is aiming to make a big impact on the scene. The Sonvia has been re-developed and packing a huge punch ready for round 1 on 5th and 6th of September at the DOME.


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    Hi, I am looking for car insurance for my son’s drift car for theft from the house. Do you cover this and if so how much?

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