China clean sweep!!


One of the events where everything just fell into place perfectly.

The Pan delta super racing festival (Round 1) held at Zhuhai International Circuit.

Ive been coming here for 3 years now and id have to say the event is getting more crazier every time. It consists of Qualifying on the Friday, Special Gymkhana on the Saturday and then the Main event is on Sunday.

Long story short, this is how the weekend went down.

Qualifying went perfectly with this run here

We scored the best run of the day and Qualified 1st place.

The Gymkhana event was also a 1st place for us. The Zestino tyres ended up making us 2 seconds quicker then anyone else in the field. Pretty awesome weekend so far but we had the main event to be decided.

For the main event it was pissing down. Not the most ideal conditions and even though I’ve been drifting for many years now. Ive never had a great deal of practice in the wet so I was a little worried going into the main event.

The Supra ended up being a really easy car to control in the wet and I was the only guy in the field to leave the rear swaybar on. May have been the trick 😉

We took home the win not the way you would want to but a win is a win. The opposite battle of which the winner was to face me, had an incident where they damaged both cars so therefore I was basically given the win. I was really looking forward to the final battle but I didnt end up needing it to win.

Big thanks to my Sponsors for making the 2017 year possible.


Till next time
Jake Jones

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