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DriftSquids 2013 paint teaser

Hey all,
Just picked the car up from my good mate KC’s joint so thought I’d share the new look ‘on the inside anyway’.



It’s a basic red just to make the ‘other’ new colours look cooler. Will update very soon. As for now I’m awaiting customs to clear my new gearbox in Sydney which it’s been sitting at for a couple days now… Dang it


2013 rebuild begins!!!


Hey all,

Last week was the last time I used my Sonvia. Now the quick rebuild for the 2013 season begins.

I’ve only spent a couple days on it and already it’s a completely stripped shell 😉




So as you can see I’ve pulled everything out of the car ready for a few mods and some sand blasting in prep for a brand new coat of paint on the inside.

Stay tuned for some cool news coming soon 😉