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Hey all,

The Driftsquid crew and myself are in Sydney this weekend for one of the biggest events to be held in Australia. TOP GEAR are holding a one off festival at Eastern Creek raceway March 9th and 10th.


This is no ordinary show at all and with a mountain of things happening throughout the day you would be mad to miss it.

One thing me and my crew are dying to see is the Redbull F1 team putting down some laps. It’s going to be unreal

We are putting on some drifting demos on both days with 15 other top Australian drifters. We will be on the new south circuit at Eastern Creek. We are running 5 times each day so it’s going to be awesome.

Also I’ve yet to update you all on my latest purchase for the car. A brand spanking GSR Gforce 4 speed dog box is now sitting nicely in my beast!! I can not wait to have reliability back on the team. Look out for a massive year from the Driftsquid team.


Thanks to TGFSydney for making this event happen and inviting us over from Adelaide.

See you all there and make sure you come say hello and get a signed poster.

DriftSquids 2013 paint teaser

Hey all,
Just picked the car up from my good mate KC’s joint so thought I’d share the new look ‘on the inside anyway’.



It’s a basic red just to make the ‘other’ new colours look cooler. Will update very soon. As for now I’m awaiting customs to clear my new gearbox in Sydney which it’s been sitting at for a couple days now… Dang it