DriftSquid Clothing SALE!

Hi everyone,
As the end of year approaches we are having a run out sale on all clothing.

See the link here for all the Merchandise available!

***Driftsquid 2017 end of year SALES!!***

Dont forget you can also purchase 2018 Memberships from as little as $10. Can also be a great gift.

Thanks heaps for the support and we are looking forward to a huge 2018 year. Many exciting announcements to come so stay tuned. If you want to get news first before anyone else then becoming a 2018 member is a must.

Thanks everyone

2017 China Championship decider!

The Championship all comes down to this final round of the Zhuhai International Drift series.
I tried to get a video out each day just like the last trip to China. This time things went a lot better for me but there was still plenty of drama.

Grab some food and a drink, sit down and watch through the videos to see how the Championship unfolds. One unreal adventure this one and I cant thank my sponsors (Speedline, TRC, Zestino and YHI Hong Kong) in China enough for making it happen.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 (Championship decider)

As you will have found out by now it was a pretty unreal adventure for me. Hope you enjoyed it and hope you hit that subscribe button 🙂

Appreciate the support so much.